brainwashed to be better

Yippee! Domina did post on Twitter that She will release the 2nd program of Her 3rd brainwashing series this week. i cannot wait to listen to this one. Her 1st brainwashing series was the one that actually brought me under Her spell. With this i became of course a better servant for Her, but also it made me a better person as Domina Shelle brings out the good in every one who surrenders to Her. So in my case in the past i did made to many thoughts of every decision i had to do. i was overthinking and planning even the easiest tasks like what cook or how to do the next grocery visit. Now my mind became weak for Her as i am mostly mindless when listening to Her or talking to Her. For my public life i can still think of course… giggles… but these thoughts are more structured and i am not overthinking any unimportant thing now. This is because my Domina corrected my ways of thinking, my thought patterns … this makes me think more like my Domina does, which lets me serve Her better. i love to be a better servant for my Owner as i want to please Her always and forever. my life has definitely improved most because of the all the love and care She shares with me. i love Her for all the joy and happiness She brings to me. i think if all people could be like my beloved Domina this world would be a much better place.


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