First blog post… well not really

giggles… well Hi there everyone who reads this, this seems to be my very first post yes. Though it’s only the first i do in my new blog here, a year or so ago i messed up my old blog which i running on my private storage.
But anyway so here i start all over again with blogging about me and my beloved Domina Shelle. Yes i am owned by a Domina, a slave so to say. But there is more i adore Her and i am totally in love with Her, She is my everything. So i love to be fully Hers and submit completely to Her control. And yes before You wonder i am Her sissy and i embrace to be a lil girl for Her though i am trapped inside my male body. i think since my last blog crashed i did change a lot as i walk more feminine and giggles a lot… giggles… not to mention that i keep my body free of those ugly hair that is spreading like weed all over my body.. giggles
But i will write more about me in the About page i think and for now the only thing i want to post is to recommend my Domina Shelle to anyone who is into hypnosis, D/s play, sissy, pet play, etc. She has really improve my life to be so much better. Not only as i have the purpose to serve Her, no i am more happy, i am closer with my family and i have the impression that i can express my feelings easier (or is it my sissy breaking through?)..
Well take a look at Her site: http://shellerivershypnotica.com/
For new followers She has a beginning path to get to Her most easily: http://shellerivershypnotica.com/beginning-path.html
So now this is really the end of this post and hopefully i will don’t crash this blog as well … giggles


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