Her Brainwashing improved my life

Two days ago when Domina celebrated Thanksgiving She also released Her newest Brainwashing program: Brainwashed III–Program 3. As i am completely addicted to Her brainwashing therapy, i did not have to give it one single thought.. i knew i need to listen to it! Since then i listened 5 times to it and still i crave for more.
Though i do not want to spoil the content of this one, i want to tell that i do feel very happy and content belonging to Domina and helping Her whenever and wherever i can. The file itself is very relaxing and lets me fall deep for Her. Within trance it is easy to forget of all that stress and sorrows… i wished i would be always entranced for Her, i think this would make me a better servant for Her. So i think it is no wonder that although there is a waking trigger it is hard for me not to fall into a deep slumber after Her voice faded away… giggles
When i do remember back to my life before Domina i’ve been nervous and twitchy person but besides perfecting me for Her (of course), She also changed me to be calmer and friendlier which is so much helpful in daily life as i get friendly responses from all the people i deal with. And this friendly attitudes leads to less stress. Domina really improved my life by improving me. And of course She helps me discovering my feminine site more and more with every passing day. i do not want my old life back as i enjoy being my submission to Her and my new-found sissy life too much. i love to be Her beautiful sissy slave … giggles… and also a lil slut for Her sometimes if She says so.
Proudly i am owned by my beloved Domina Shelle… Hers completely for the rest of my life!
Anyone out there who is searching for a loving superior Woman who will always take care of you as long as you obey Her commands: Go and submit and surrender to Domina Shelle. Trust me as i trust Her, becoming one of Her servants will be perfect for you.


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