The stroking sissy

Yesterday was a very special day as i was obeying the Stroke Control Assignment of my beloved Domina Shelle. It consists of 4 different parts. Each part is different and to be obeyed at a certain time. So i was obeying this assignment trough out the complete day. Though i do not want to spoil too much just in case you my dear reader did not do the stroke assignment for Domina so far and hopefully decide to do so now. Yes the day Domina set for this already passed, but maybe She will allow you to do it belated it if you just ask Her submissively.
But back to my experience, as i said it was something special to me. This was the case as i was commanded to do some extra things being a sissy. So to say my tight lil sissy ass was happy to be filled while i was able to rub my lil sissy clitty for my Domina, which gave me a pleasant additional stimulation… giggles… and besides that i could enjoy the comfort of some nice panties and silky stockings. Oh and of course no sissy should be without her lipstick which was on my lips of course but also on my clitty showing the letters POPS. This stands for Property of Princess Shelle. She owns me completely and so She owns my lil sissy clitty as well. i love to be reminded of that, seeing these 4 letters in pink lipstick there makes me smile and happy. It gives me comfort to belong to my beloved Princess-Domina always & forever.
Oh where was i?… giggles… Domina also made some special tasks for chastity slaves and slaves with a girlfriend. So they could also enjoy their own special tasks during this assignment. Domina made a big effort to create this fantastic assignment.
If you haven’t done it by now you should ask Domina Shelle if You might do it belated! The assignment is a very pleasurable way to show your submission to Domina.
Here is the link to it: Stroke Control Assignment


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