Happy New sissy Year

Because of illness my year did not start very well. If i would have felt better i would have posted here even earlier. But now that i am feeling better and do only cough a bit from time to time i used my last days before i have to get to work again next week to life my life as the sissy i am. Therefore i am wearing my breast forms all the time (except for the few times when i needed to leave the house). Of course i also wore my panties and feminine clothes. Now that i feel better i even wear my corset and my wig again to perfect my feminine silhouette. Though hopefully i do not need my wig soon and my hair is getting longer… though for a perfect image it has to grow a lot more… giggles
In time being sick i had the comfort my beloved Domina Shelle gave me with Her wishes to get healthy again soon. i hated that i could not fully obey the 12 Days of Christmas assignment She did create. But She is most understanding and so She did allow me not to continue with it when i felt really bad. i love Her She always cares for me as She cares for all of what is Hers.
So now that i am out of the woods i want to wish you my dear reader a belated Happy New Year and i will stick to one of my New Years Resolutions to continue this blog and to support my Domina this way.
So this time i like to tell of my experiences with Her latest release “Mind Dominance” which is a file that left me back incredibly horny for Her. i cannot recall a recording of Her that took me deeper into trance. Still it seems that i can remember all that happened in the session. But now after listening everything of Her is more arousing than ever before. A glimpse at Her pictures seeing Her perfect body, a written word or command of Her and of course Her seductive voice let my lil sissy clitty swell instantly. Though She was always on my mind before even this seems to be more now. She is my Everything and my only addiction. i love and need only Her always and forever! Still i need more of Her.. i need to listen again and again. Each time the euphoria of Her inside my mind brings me more ecstasy. As my whole body tingles with pleasure while i listen, the feeling when i finally awake is pure horniness for Her. Strait thoughts are not possible. All that is left are simple ones to obey all of Her commands and how i can please Her best. i love this feeling, though i couldn’t write this post being that mindless… giggles
In any way i think this files made me even more obedient and a better servant for my beloved Owner, therefore it is a must buy for all slaves of Domina Shelle.


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