Brainwashing · Sissy

Breast obsessed

i am obsessed by the breasts of my Domina. i have been addicted to them quite long time. But this is now even more true after i did listen over and over to Her latest release Compulsive Obsession. All i can think of are thoughts containing those two wonderful hills on Her chest.
i dream of licking Her engorged hard nipples. Circling Her areola with my tongue to make them even harder and my Domina more aroused. As my sissy clitty gets wet and swells by the excitement of pleasing my Domina.
She moans and gasps good girl into my ears, which makes me even more aroused for Her as i mindlessly go on and nibble and suck the nipple of one of Her breasts. With a tug on the leash attached to my collar my Domina signs me to continue with Her other one.
While my tongue is busy with Her nipples, Her hands uncuff mine and move them to the end of Her breasts. Still holding my hands, Her own ones instruct mine how to caress Her soft breasts. The touch of Her pillowy breasts runs like an electric shock of pure pleasure through my whole body, my clitty begins to throb as i am in complete ecstasy for Her. Without thought and without question i continue to massaging Her breasts and pleasuring Her nipples as the moans of Domina get loader and become more and more.
Completely mindless and obedient i keep going to give Her the pleasures She wants and deserves as She directs me, Her sissy love slave.
Her moans combine to an ear-piercing shout out of Her absolute bliss. As She gives into Her pleasures Her body starts to shake and She gets the orgasm She intended to have.
i notice a small trickle of sweat that built in Her deep cleavage. Automatically i lick it up completely. As Her essence enters my mouth i taste Her sweetness. i savor Her taste slowly and enjoy every second. Before Her orgasm fades away completely, She gasps “swallow” to me. i obey without hesitation. The combination of Her command and Her essence running down my gullet activates one of the countless triggers Domina installed inside my mind. my whole body begins to tingle and is shaking all over. i am flooded with joy, love and ecstasy for my Domina. my Domina granted me to have a mind orgasm for Her.
Moments later W/we both end O/our explosions of sexual rapture. The last thing i remember of this day are the words “Sleep, My good girl!”. With a big smile and happy to have pleased Her i fall into a deep sleep on the heavenly soft breasts of my beloved Domina, dreaming of Her and Her perfect pair of breasts.

How i wished this would come true… giggles… though i am also a lil bit selfish as my sissy-self craves to have also such a perfect pair of soft and firm natural breasts. Plus i dream of my breasts being caressed the other way around as my hands and tongue care for the ones of my beloved Domina Shelle.
Oh and if you are like me obsessed to Her breasts or if you want to feed this addiction, i can truly recommend this picture set showing of Her wonderful bosom: Shelle’s Titty Tease


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