Writing tips

i am sorry i did not find a better headline for this… giggles… my writing tips are for those written things on my body.
From time to time Domina Shelle commands me to write certain phrases, abbreviations or just Her name somewhere on my body. When i was new to all this i had really big problems to find a pen or marker that wrote on my skin. Second problem was that it was going off too quick. Like every time i did do a bicycle tour and had written the phrase “Shelle owns me” on my chest, afterwards it was barely readable. In fact my clothes were colored in the red of the marker i wrote with. It looked like i was bleeding in my shirt. This went on until i begged Domina to become a sissy slave for Her. From this day i should write on my body with lipstick instead of a marker. Well how to say it? Normal lipstick is even worse for body painting beneath clothes than a marker… giggles… after a normal day everything i wrote was vanished and only a pink mess reminded of the words that stood there before. After telling Domina about that She gave me the suggestion that i might look out for long lasting lipsticks. Of course i did as i was told and i found such a long lasting lipstick that works incredibly well for body writing. It is a 24h lasting lipstick that dries quickly and stays on like for 3 days even after taking a shower. It’s applied like a lip gloss and after it is dry a sealing balm can be added on top. i use the balm rarely as it is a bit too fatty and the lipstick stays on it’s own very good. Of course this thing is not very cheap but for me it’s worth it as i can obey my beloved Domina as She commands. i think this should be in the purse of any of sissy that submits to Domina Shelle… giggles … and it might be an alternative for slaves who have problems to keep the writing on their bodies just like i had my very own problems.
And don’t get me wrong there is still sometimes a bit of the writing going into my clothes especially when i have to write on my sissy clitty. To prevent this just use the balm.
So anyone who is interested in the lip stick here is the one i mean. And better choose no sparkling colors as they are barely readable. i myself love the colors called “Extreme Fuchsia” and “Feisty Fuchsia”.


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