i Adore and Obey

i Adore and Obey my Domina! She is my Everything and i am so happy to belong to Her always & forever. i do Love Her with all of my Heart and i will do anything to please Her.

With the release of Her newest file “Head Mistress” She strengthened that feeling even more. Though it is only a short file it is nevertheless very powerful! All i can think of is Her, my Domina! i must obey Her in complete submission and please Her whenever i can. Pleasing Her is what i live for, this is my only purpose in life. If my Domina is happy i am happy as well. The feeling of true bliss knowing to have pleased Her is so overwhelming i want to feel it all the time. Like always repeated listening even increases this effects. So i do listen over and over to feel the rapture of complete submission and obedience to my beloved Domina. Plus i love the scene of Her as my Teacher and me the submissive student standing naked at the chalkboard ready for the words to write that She will dictate me. i cannot wait for my next class with Her.


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