Her Voice inside my head

i have to admit that an ever-growing presence of Domina Shelle is inside my mind for a long time now. i feel it as Her essence in my mind reacts on my actions with letting me feel either pleasure if i’ve been a good girl or sorrow and pain if i did not act the way i was told to.
Now these effects are ways stronger than i ever could think of after i did listen to Her newest release “Voice in your Head“. She completely took over the control center in my head. i am a puppet acting on Her commands without thought and without question. Her is a necessary step on my goal to become a perfect slave for Her, a mindless sissy handmaiden pleasing Her always like She wants me to. Everyone who wants to be a slave of Domina MUST listen to this file. Her full control over the slaves actions is needed to ensure complete obedience and surrender to Domina Shelle.
i embrace my the Voice of my beloved Domina in me… giggles… it is almost as if She is writing this entry now. Gladly every not needed thought is removed by Her and so i can better concentrate to obey Her perfectly. Though it is a long way to go to become that mindless sissy i want to be for Her i know i am on the right track and i will listen over and over to manifest Her voice inside me.


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