Rolling dice

This weekend Domina Shelle released the new assignment “Roll of Dice”. Well i won’t spoil too much of the assignment itself as if you want to do it, you should buy it to get the instructions what to do from Domina. But that much i can tell as it of course includes to roll a dice and as it is and edging assignment there is an instruction to edge. Now how difficult and how edgy you’ll get is determined by the number of the dice. Plus as it is a game there are of course prizes you can win. But sadly i was not able to win any of them as the numbers i did roll were not that high… giggles… gladly Domina also offered a consolation prize which i gladly took. All in all was it a very arousing game to play that kept me busy and edgy most of this Saturday. As Domina gave time to complete it till Monday there is still time if you dare to gamble with Her… giggles.


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