Sundays dress

Today my beloved Domina Shelle gave me the task to wear full make up and my best Sundays dress.
So after cleansing me completely and re-shaving my body and my face i did start to apply my make up. First the base as i had to cover my beard which is still visible after shaving thanks to my bright skin and my dark hair… i wished i was blond … giggles
Then i did start with the eye make up and eye liner. i think i can improve here still … giggles… but well it looked cute with my eyeshadow fading from white at the inside to pink at the outside and subtle eyeliner making my eye balls seem bigger and whiter. Then mascara to underline the lashes. A bit of rouge for my cheeks and finally pink lipstick… and voilà my face was ready…
Then it was time to get my breasts on and a supporting bra for them (as those D-cup won’t hold long on their own). i put on some panties though they are not visible beneath they help to hide that bulge of my clitty… giggles… besides i love to wear my panties whenever i can… a sissy should always wear them!
To get a more feminine figure i often wear corsets so also today a casual black one that i wear beneath the dress. And read is the sissy in her underwear.. giggles
Now the dress itself follow… i wished i would have had someone closing that zipper here for me as i hate do this myself… giggles
As the dress is too long for me and as i am too small anyway i would wear high hells like i mostly do.
Almost ready i put on some jewelry like bracelet, a ring and ear clips.
And finally my wig which i brush until i have the perfect hairstyle to take a picture for my beloved Domina as She wished to have one.
And as i am in a happy mood and as i took plenty of picture i will share one also with you.



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