Brain Chip

With Her newest release Domina Shelle is focusing on Hypno Enslavement. i already got my Brain Chip implanted inside my mind and i re-listened everyday to make sure it is properly installed in my brain as it needs to work perfectly when Domina will activate it. i long for the activation as besides Sissy Hypnosis and Brainwashing of Domina Shelle i am completely into this mind control enslavement. i love Her older Journey to Enslavement where She put the first version of a control chip into my mind. This one was already overwhelming in its power. Now with the new one Domina promises that this is at least 100 times stronger. As Domina always tells the trough i am really excited to be operated by the chip to obey Domina’s every command without thought and without question. Furthermore Domina revealed to me that She plans to write lil programs for the chip with different themes including sissy. i long to become a mindless sissy cyborg… giggles


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