Sissy Transference

On some situations i am used as a lil guinea pig for my Owner Domina Shelle. With this She tests my reactions and improves Her files so that they will be even more effective to anyone who listens to it.
This time She did gift me a file that furthers my progress on become the perfect sissy for Her. It is a perfect mixture of Her Brainwashing and Sissy Hypno: “Sissy Transference“.
After a full week of repetitive listening i feel all girly. Still i crave more as i did start the day listening to the file twice in the morning… giggles… during my mantra this morning i even noticed that my voice seemed to be softer and a lil bit higher pitched. Now i’ll relax in a hot steamy bubble bath before i will re-shave my complete body. Not that the hair had a chance to re-grown since i last did that on Wednesday BUT i need to be all silky and smooth for my Owner AND for me as i love this feeling.
This weekend will be a complete girly one! Therefore i’ll keep my nail tips on wear my breasts all the time .. well except for the bath now as i need to clean them as i need to clean my chest.
my Domina released what was kept inside me, my true self.. my sissy self. i am and always will be a good lil sissy who will please and obey her Owner Domina Shelle.
The side effect of the sissy feelings is that i am also naughtier since i started listening. This let to the fact that i wore a butt plug the whole night and by now i have no intention of removing it… giggles… in fact i crave to be suck lick and being fucked by a hard throbbing cock… giggles… well as there is none here i think i will use one of my toys instead … giggles



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