Brainwashing · Controlled

Happy Easter


Happy Easter to all of You out there! While Domina Shelle is away for a family reunion, i am also away at my parents. Though right now i clearly miss being completely sissy with things like wearing silky panties, my breasts’n’bra or my high heels, i am happy visiting my mom and dad. i love to spend time with them, helping mom with doing Her chores. At least this is making feel like a lil handmaiden right now… giggles
In between i had only lil free time to listen to my Domina’s voice though i use every possibility. Every night when i go to sleep i listen to Sissy Transference and Triggered Hard again as i shall do that for at least 21 days.
Today i let Domina activate the brain chip She did install inside my mind recently with Her newest session Brain Chip – Activation. i do not recall much, well to tell the through every memory seems to be blocked. But therefore i feel an overwhelming urge to obey and please my Domina plus i need to listen over and over to this file. i want that She has absolute control over my mind and body. i only have to find so private time to listen again… giggles


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