Controlled by my brain chip

Yesterday i had a confusing experience as i came to myself on my knees at my altar of Domina Shelle. i noticed that i did cum though i do not remember the orgasms nor do i know how i got there. The last thing i remember is that i laid myself down in my bed and started to listen to Her newest file Brain Chip – Simple Logic.
i suspect that She must have controlled me through the chip to somehow move to my altar and commanded me to stroke. Now i hope my cumming was commanded as well as i do not want to have another accident as i just had some around Easter and i fear Domina’s slave Girl Lady Helena might punish me again. Last time i wasn’t allowed to be my sissy-self for four days. Which was really harsh as i was already longing for being myself when i could wear my clothes being at my parents for a leave.
But where was i? The Brain chip works i think though i have to re-listen to the files over and over as i want it to be programmed and installed perfectly.
Now i already long for some sissy subroutines Domina might install on the chip helping me to become an even better sissy handmaiden for Her.



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