Deep sleep

i feel refreshed and happy after i awoke from a deep slumber . i think if the dawning sun would not have kissed my face through my opened window i would be still asleep… giggles. Before falling into the slumber i re-listened to Domina Shelle’s latest file “Profound Sleep“, in which Her angelic voice made me so calm and took me so very deep that my afternoon sleep was inevitable.
The night before i already listened to the file to help me to find sleep after a very exhausting day. Well i slept very long and calm… in my dreams i was surrounded by lil puppies jumping around me … giggles… they were all so cute… though i am not sure i was a puppy too in my dreams… but i think so…. a lil sissy puppy… giggles…
But well as i wasn’t sure if Domina file made me sleep that deep or just me being that exhausted, i had to re-listen during the day today. So now i am sure it was the file and Her lovely voice bringing me into sleep mode for Her.
As i have sometimes problems to fall asleep and to sleep through the night i will use this file now to ensure i am fully recovered with a healthy sleep.


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