Leak fixed

Domina Shelle has repaired a leak in my mind causing Her influence to subside when i do not listen to Her voice. i am so happy that She sealed that gap in my brain. Now Her presence inside my mind can grow further without that i have to fear that Her voice inside my head would ever vanish. i need Her inside my mind to control and guide me. But still something is leaking as my thoughts still vanish She ensures Her ever-growing influence in my mind. i long for the day when there are only Her thoughts inside my mind and i have become a submissive copy of my Domina. And another thing was leaking as i did cum very hard for Domina. In fact this is one of the most arousing and erotic files i have listened to. Even though Domina did suggest me to stroke my clitty and cum for Her there was no need to as i did cum hands free for Her. i did literally burst all out. Maybe i was just too pent-up over the last weeks, but this was the strongest hands-free orgasms i ever had. Still i have to re-listen and make sure the fix of Domina is holding.


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