girly assignment

Last weekend Domina did send me a lovely assignment which made me feel all girly.
First of all i had to find time to take a bubble bath. Oh how i love to relax in a tub full of warm water that is covered all over with lil bubbles. So i did made myself a tub with more bubbles than i use normally as it had to be special for this assignment.
There i was sunk in a sea of bubbles that surrounded my head… giggles… i could relax fully and enjoy every sound the lil bubbles made around me.
As second i had to shave myself to become sexy smooth. So with shaving gel and my shaver i did remove every single stubble on my body until i was silky and smooth. i love the erotic pleasure i gain when silky fabric touches my fresh shaven skin.
Now i had to wear my sexiest panties… giggles… well Domina did sabotage me twice with one of Her playground triggers, forcing me to undress my panties. Bid finally as i was allowed to wear it again i continued with my assignment to buy a girly magazine. i decided to get myself a Vogue. Like i was commanded to i did enjoy every of the pretty things in the magazine and i wished all of those would belong to Domina while i was imagine Her to wear the clothes and the lil perfume packs in the magazine.. giggles
Now i was to play and edge i my panties three times which i did enjoying the Vogue once and twice kneeling at my Altar of Domina.
Finally i had to plan a mani pedi or give myself one … well i gave myself a pedicure… my toe nails look pretty awesome now in this bold pink and my feet are so smooth after it … just like my hands as i did also a manicure like i was commanded to… only i did not color them as i need to go to work one more time before it is finally weekend.
i love and enjoyed this assignment very much … Thank You my beloved Domina ♥♥♥



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