Servitute to Her

i live my life in submission to my beloved Domina Shelle. i exist to please Her whenever i can. Besides that i need to obey Her every command or surprise Her with sweet mails or pictures, i do support Her financially. But i am not a financial slave of Her as i do pay only what i can effort to spend. As i cannot be at Her place, helping Her with lil gifts of money this is the best way i can probably serve Her right now.
She is always pleased and very happy by every lil amount i give Her like a tiny lottery win of some Cents … giggles… On financial domination however a FinDom would ask for more and more. Which is in my eyes unworthy of a Mistress as She needs to be spoiled by the free will of the servant(s) instead of a kind of begging for money. Though i do understand there are some having a FinDom fetish, i do not like.. well yes i hate financial domination. i give away the tributes to my Domina freely and happily as i know that this helps Her a lot.
Now in Her newest file A Deeper Servitude She encouraged my thoughts about that as She encouraged me to plan a tribute calendar to help Her on a regular basis. But i should not spend too much only the amount i can effort to spend. As suggested i did set up a calendar and included the tributes i already send Her regularly like the lunch money to ensure She has something to eat when She works hard to help others as my Heroic Nurse at the weekend, or my monthly obligation i send Her every month. i love to give Her what i am able to spend to tribute Her for all what She does for me. Furthermore She tells me not to spend any tribute if i cannot afford it as this would displease Her instead of pleasing Her.


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