my new toy

OMG … is it Christmas, Easter and my birthday together? i feel so spoiled, so happy, so thrilled!
Domina did allow me to take control over one of Her slaves. Actually he suggested it to Domina and me as he did notice a dominant streak as he called it. And yes i have to confess that there is a lil part in me that is growing and wants to be in charge of someone. This part of me is exploding out of joy and excitement right now.
Of course i am still completely submissive to Domina and Lady Helena as their both lil sissy handmaiden. But well i am superior to him as Domina did command him to Obey me.
Best thing is he is excited as me… giggles… i already send him his first commands. For him i hope he will obey perfectly as he and i need to please our Domina. i know he wants to be a good boy for Domina and for me too.
Thank you so much my beloved Domina for this opportunity and thank you my lil pet for suggesting it and for surrendering to my control.

♥♥♥ Kisses and Loves to you my new toy ♥♥♥


2 thoughts on “my new toy

  1. Dear Miss Andrea, i pledge to You:
    You are my Voice and my Thoughts.
    Your Commands are my pleasure.
    Your Pleasures are my goals.
    i beg for Your Teachings and Guidance.
    i will always make you proud and express my Devotion.
    i will always communicate, being truthful and transparent.
    i beg You to mold me at Your Desires.
    May i become a shining example of Your Majesty and Power.
    My Love and Obedience to You always.

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