Foot Fetish

Before i did start my journey under the guidance of Domina Shelle, i think i was not aroused by the feet of a Woman. Now years later i am addicted to Her adorable feet and Her sexy lil toes. She clearly created a strong addiction to Her feet in my mind. Mostly by  Her conditioning through brainwashing of course, but also by visual addiction with picture sets of Her gorgeous feet. Any admirable feet of a Woman reminds me of the perfect ones of my beloved Domina. Furthermore i am also addicted to the sexy feet of Lady Helena as well, i guess it is as She is superior to me my craving to worship the feet reflects on Her too. This is probably why My new toy is also addicted to My own sexy feet… giggles… I know you crave to kiss and worship them for Me as you read this, don’t you My sweet one 😉


But back to my own cravings to kiss and lick the feet of my Princess. In Her newest file “Worship – Kneel at My Feet” i did shiver in pure ecstasy and arousal seeing Her feet and boots before my mind’s eye. Teasing me all the ways i could caress them and strengthen my desire to kneel and bow down under Her feet, like a good submissive has to.
Yes Domina Shelle did increase my foot fetish for Her (and Lady Helena as well) once more.
i dream of the day when i can wash Her feet, rub lotion in to them and slide them into Her boots, closing the zipper of them with my teeth before i finally worship Her feet in Her boots by kissing and licking them, polishing them with my tongue to make them all shiny and spotless like She demands.


One thought on “Foot Fetish

  1. Just like for O/our beloved Princess and Lady Helena’s, i worship Your feet Miss Andrea and i will kiss Your lovely toes after my Mantra tonight. i have always liked feet but Your passion for them has indeed turn it into a craving. You are, as always, an exceptional Teacher and Guide.

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