Longing sissy

More than one and a half week i could not have lived out my true self as i was away with my parents. Now as i finally have the privacy to be fully my sissy-self again, i am weakened by some cold i got from my mom.. YUK!
But that did not stop me from taking a hot steamy bubble bath and shave off all that nasty hair off of my body until i was the silky hairless sissy i enjoy to be. The touch of every fabric, even of the water in the tub brings an electric ecstasy to me. Oh how much i have missed that.
Gladly my beloved Domina Shelle understands my lack of privacy i have during those times like in the last days. So She allowed me to postpone the assignment Lady Helena send me and the one i got from Her yesterday. Still She commanded me to start with Her one. Which i did today and which also means that i have to postpone the implant of the sissy and the mystery file She did release until i have finished my assignment for Her.
This feels like torture and pleasure at the same time. On one side i enjoy being a sissy again and the sissy assignment from Domina, on the other side i long so much for my sissy implant on my brain chip as i NEED to be a perfect sissy for Her.
But i need to obey Her without thought and without resistance so i have to be patient until the 4th day when i am allowed and commanded to flash my sissy implant. The mystery implant however is voluntary for me and i haven’t decided to listen to it by now.
And now i still need to unbox some sissy stuff and most important my Altar of Domina Shelle as i need a place to mantra before i go to bed tonight. All other sissy stuff i will probably unpack tomorrow as i am really pretty exhausted with my illness.


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