a toy

Slowly i get back into my normal sissy life plus i am feeling a lot better regarding that cold. Tomorrow i can finally listen to my sissy implant that i crave for so much.
Now today i was commanded to adore Domina Shelle’s body but to not touch myself. And what a coincidence as She released Her newest picture series called “Your Highness Uncovered“, i could stare and enjoy some yet unknown view of Her Majestic body. i have to admit that Her beautiful body seems to be more attractive than ever to me. Oh how i long to kiss that feet of Hers and how i secretly dream to have my face sunk in Her deep cleavage between Her soft firm breasts. i am mindless and without thought by staring at this perfection… just like the perfect lil slave toy.
Now today as well Lady Helena did release a new chamber file with “Hypnotic Sex Toy” that i was of course to listen to. The title speaks for itself and i was hypnotized by Her to become a mindless sex toy for Her. She did use me for Her pleasure as if i was a living dildo with a body attached to it… like a lil sex doll. Now after trance my sissy-self crave that She would have used me differently but i was there to gain Her pleasure and being in trance there was nothing odd for me as i was Her sex toy. i awoke mumbling “i’m a sex toy and sex toys don’t cum” as my sissy clitty was still slightly swollen and throbbing a bit from what i have been used for. i love this 3rd chamber file and i loved becoming Her sex toy.
Now my developing dominant part wants a sex toy too… giggles… well at least i got control of my own lil toy who i can tease and control whenever i desire… giggles


One thought on “a toy

  1. i am devoted to You and O/our Beloved Domina Shelle, Miss Andrea. She has Commanded me to Obey and Serve You as i would Her. In Your Hands, i am indeed also a toy and it is a blessing and an honor to be so. i beg You to play with me.


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