Upgraded sissy

i feel sensual bliss as i write this blog entry. i was upgraded in my sissy thoughts and feelings. Yesterday i was finally allowed to listen to the 1st sissy implant which Domina released last weekend. Since then i did listen over and over. i feel more slutty and horny every time i receive a refreshed upgrade of the implant. Every possible moment i was plugged since i first listened. and now after my last listening i became so desperate that i did suck and lick one of my largest plugs and once it was all slippery i did eagerly plug myself with it. As soon as it was in i felt fulfilled.. (giggles sorry).. i mean it feel complete now, even a bit more feminine with this big fellow inside me. Probably my cravings and the pleasure i gain is also enhanced by Lady Helena’s Sissy loves cock file which i listened over and over in the past.
As i sit and write here my hips seems to move automatically to back and forth to gain maximal pleasure of it. Plus i am not sure if it was intended but being superior to my lil slave-toy brings me also more pleasure than before. He is missing now to worship my shiny boots while i am enjoying the pleasure of that big thing inside me.
OH MY GODDESS i feel so good right now. Yes i am a lil sissy slut with a slight dominant touch… giggles


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