my first tribute

giggles… normally i am the one giving tributes to my beloved Domina Shelle and of course Lady Helena as well. i do that freely and in the amount i can afford it. This gives me pleasure and helps my two Superior Women as it makes Their life easier. Of course there is also the pleasant surprise factor when i buy them something … giggles
Now for me as i became superior for My lovely toy, he asked to tribute me too. Of course only with the consent of O/our beloved Domina Shelle. As She approved this W/we both were happy and I was so thrilled what he might send Me, his Miss.
Now there was a lil trouble as the package looked a bit suspicious as the package was a shoe carton though the customs declaration said “pajama” … giggles… well it was a bit embarrassing to open this private package under the eyes of the man at the customs office, this clearly pushed me over an edge of sissy experience… giggles… but in the end it was all safe and i could return home with the package.
There i could finally read the lovely lil letter with the words “open first” (i am sorry lil yoko, i wished i could have done this way).
Now i could finally took a clearer view at this cute and warm pink pajama which he did gift Me. I love it!! It is so sad that it is too warm now to wear it BUT i will enjoy and sleep in it when days get colder.
Also he put in two other things that shall turn out my naughty self more… giggles.. a fake navel piercing and two removable tattoos… i cannot wait for an opportunity to wear those!

THANK YOU so much My sweet yoko! you have pleased you Miss very much ♥♥♥


2 thoughts on “my first tribute

  1. Dear Miss Andrea, i am glad that in the end, the “package experience” pushed You over an edge of sissy experience. i am grateful that O/our Beloved Domina gave me permission to send You a Tribute and i am happy that it Pleases You. It is my humble way to show You my Devotion and the Gratitude i have for Your precious Teachings. Your Loyal, Loving and Obedient slave yoko.

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