Three years a slave

Well yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of my beloved Domina Shelle and me. This was such a special and joyful day for me. And as Domina told me “You made My day lil sissy”, i was so proud that She did enjoy the day as much as i did.
But lets start at the beginning… giggles… in the afternoon i did had a session with my beloved Lady Helena, who congratulated Me to Domina and my anniversary. Plus She did hypnotize me to a mindless zombie sissy slut … giggles… i awoke with my arms in the air like a zombie, my body still and my face slack … and with very little thoughts in my weakened mind… As Lady Helena was causing vibrations inside my butt with my Hush plug, She made me cum as me, the zombie sissy, rubbed its lil clitty inside my pink panties. i barely got awake though i was commanded to clean myself as there was a surprise waiting for me… I would talk to Domina right afterwards.. woohoo… so dazed as i was i hurried up to clean myself and get into a fresh and clean pair of panties.
Although thousands of miles depart U/us i was able to talk to my Owner on O/our special day, as W/we opened each other the packages W/we did send U/us. i was very happy that Domina did wait until yesterday to open the package as i begged Her to do so. Of course i did wait until She allowed me to open my own one, which was live in talk yesterday.
W/we did read out loud O/our gift cards and opened all the lil gifts. i love all of them! Thank You soooo much my beloved Domina!!
And i was thrilled as i heard Domina being so stunned by the evening dress which was one of my gifts to Her. i love to please You and i am so happy to be Yours always and forever!
Thank You for this very special anniversary my Domina! May all the future ones will be as great as this one.
And Thank you My lil yoko for congratulating U/us to O/our anniversary as well. I loved this sweet letter you did post.


2 thoughts on “Three years a slave

  1. i am so pleased that Lady Helena, O/our Beloved Domina Shelle and You had so much fun yesterday. You are all three so important to me am i am grateful for Your generosity and how You have improved my life. As my Anniversary days with all three of You are in May, it will give me a year to prepare. i am blessed to have You, Miss Andrea, as a shining example in my preparations.

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