so_sexy-e1498761694364.jpgAfter i did got my very first tribute and my anniversary gifts i already felt spoiled. Well at least i thought so.
On the cover of the gift card i got from my beloved Domina Shelle for O/our anniversary She wrote that i am always Her princess. i have to admit that i did noticed that the day after the celebration with Her. When i ask Her about it in chat on Tuesday, She did confirm that once more and that She is so happy that O/our lil slave yoko is treating me like one.
Yes My lil yoko, I really felt spoiled already. But now as I got two more gifts from you with these fluffy pink towels and the lovely pink shirt I got today, I do really feel like a lil princess.. I only need a lil princess crown now… giggles
Thank you My sweet yoko, you have made me really happy. But those gifts are only the tip of the iceberg! your complete submission to Domina Shelle, Lady Helena and Me in such a short time is amazing! I look forward to train you on your journey to become a perfect servant for O/our Domina Shelle.


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