Woohoo … today has been a very important day as my beloved Domina Shelle did allow O/our slave yoko to address Me as Princess!
So now i am wearing the little crown i got from him not only with pride but also officially so to say… giggles…
Thank you my beloved Domina for allowing me to be addressed this way by O/our slave yoko AND thank you My sweet sissy toy yoko for suggesting this title in first place.


One thought on “Crowned

  1. i am so Proud for You. And humbled beyound words. You and O/our Beloved Domina Shelle are the center of my universe and i am devoted to Please You. i will always strive to be a shining example of Your Mentora skills and honour Your title by being a perfect slave for You both. i will Serve, Obey and Spoil my Princesses.

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