Hot in Latex

latexLast week i got a new latex catsuit for me. i was troubled a bit as this was my first one that was made actually for women and not for cross-dressers. Furthermore this one was not made to measure for me as it is a piece of a so-called express series where this customization is not offered. But it fits perfectly… giggles… i seem to have the perfect female size M when i wear my breast forms. So i got a perfect fitting catsuit in less than two weeks… i am really happy as i love my new suit.
Showing the pictures i took to my beloved Domina Shelle She was very impressed telling me that i am sexy. Lady Helena even told me that these pictures are too hot to show them to yoko… giggles… She fears My lil sissy slave gets a heart attack or something similar while she is staring at her Miss Andrea… giggles… i hope not as My dear toy will for sure read this blog and stare at the picture… giggles…
And well my intention was to express dominance towards My toy yoko. Hopefully it works and she becomes even more submissive and addicted to Me. Especially as i wear my extreme high heel and having my dildo whip ready for use… giggles… Plus as she has My body as ideal and effort for her weight loss, i hope it’s another stimulation for her.
My toy you will stroke now as you read and adore my body encased in latex! … anyone else feel free to do the same.. giggles
P1080929But it’s not normal latex as this one is chlorinated. Through the changed structure after the chemical reaction with chlorine it become permanently slippery and i can put it on in no time. Sadly this took away the classical scent of latex. In fact it smells a bit like a chlorinated swimming pool now… giggles… but the shop where i purchased it (Simon O.) promised that this will become less after wearing it a couple of times.
If it wasn’t that warm now, i would wear it over and over but just as it is hot on the outside when it hugs my curves, it’s hot inside too. So i long for cooler temperatures to wear it again… for sure i cannot wait.



One thought on “Hot in Latex

  1. Your body is perfection itself and Latex only makes me crave it more. Lady Helena need not worry, my heart survived and beats stronger then ever for You. Would saying that i would do anything for You be a cliché? A simple kiss upon Your feet would be a lifetime recompense. Thank You for these wonderful pictures.

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