Allured and Mindless

Domina Shelle’s newest file “The Allure” left me in a state with a hard throbbing sissy clitty and a mindlessness in my head. Well not completely mindless, i was unable to form my own thoughts but my mind was filled all over with thoughts of Her and how to please and obey Her. The core of the story of the file itself is a remake. For me it is one of the most beautiful stories She has ever recorded. Now this storyline is used to around a new trigger She planted deep inside me and left me in this described mindless state. Furthermore when i hear the trigger i become sleepy and dizzy as i was listening to the included loop file this afternoon. i think when i have listened to The Allure a couple of more times, this trigger will become another off-switch for Domina. So once more She has gained even more power over me. The thought to be knocked out by a single word of Her arouses me and makes me happy at the same time.


One thought on “Allured and Mindless

  1. Once again Your reviews are enticing. i cannot wait to begin Conditioning to this newest File. As always, Princess Andrea, You will benefit from Domina’s Programming as i am also Your toy. As O/our Beloved Domina enhances my desires to Please and Obey Her, it enhances my desires to Please and Obey You. i look forward to increase my Mindless state for my Princesses and assimilate new Triggers or Behaviours. You are my Voice and my Thoughts.

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