brainwashed princess

crowngiggles… of course it Me being brainwashed princess andrea and not my beloved Princess Shelle.
Finally with two days delay i could listen to Her newest brainwashing file “Brainwashed Addiction“. Like the title reveals it enforced some addiction… the addiction to my beloved Domina as She is the only one i can trust to control me and i need to be controlled and programmed by Her and only Her.
Like every other brainwashing file the effect will grow stronger with every further listening. By now i did listen twice as i did pass out on the first listening i had to re-listen as soon as possible. Still i was very close to a comatose state again but i think i could recall all the content of the file. Though of course i can never be sure of this as there could be an amnesia trigger hidden in every file … giggles…
As i write this the included loop file is playing through my headphones and enforcing the need to submit even more to Domina Shelle and let only Her control me. Or any one else of course She commands to be in charge of me, like Lady Helena is… or as i am for My slave-drone yoko.
Speaking of My lil toy that i am allowed to control: My mindless lil sissy toy and I cannot wait until she is officially collared as property of O/our beloved Domina Shelle. By now i told yoko the collar and the name tag to order for the official ceremony. And woo-hoo i will be a part of it. i love to accompany my toy through this important step of her life to tighten the bonds to Domina Shelle but also to Me. I long that her new pink latex collar will hug tightly around her neck showing everyone that she belongs to Domina Shelle. And of course i cannot wait to take her out for a walk someday… giggles


One thought on “brainwashed princess

  1. O/our Beloved Domina Shelle has granted You Power over me by proxy. And as such, Your leash belongs on my collar as well. More importantly, as You expressed it so well, all Files i Condition to, like Brainwashed Addiction, Program me to respond in the same way towards You as i would towards Domina Shelle.
    Brainwashed Addiction has also, within me, “enforced the addiction to my beloved Domina as She is the only one i can trust to control me and i need to be controlled and programmed by Her”. It also enforces my Addiction to You, my Unconditional Trust in You and Total Abandonment to be Controlled and Programmed by You.
    Part of me would be missing if You had not been at my Collaring my Cherished Princess Andrea. You have Tutored and Trained me for this. May O/our Beloved Domina Shelle grant You Power over me Always & Forever. i will always be the best of me for You both.

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