Wave after wave…

… i am slowly drifting… drifting away…… this is what’s right on my mind after listening “Waves of Submission” for the third time and i am drifting even deeper into submission to my beloved Domina Shelle.
It took me three times of listening to recall the content of the file, well mostly to recall the sleep induction as the first two times simply knocked me out. When i came back to myself i did hear Domina whispering to me in the concluded loop file.. and all i could think of was to please and obey Her.. if i can call that thinking? As serving Her is more a reflex for me, i do not need to think to obey my Domina, i simply act on Her command.
Now that i did recall the content of Domina walking along that tropical beach and the waves rushing next to Her, i wish once more that i could be at Her side when She is going to the beach again this week… giggles… or well probably kneeling at Her side or at Her feet.
But where was i? … giggles… the loop file i did mention is amazing as the included ASMR effects seem to simply turn off my thoughts, i caught myself gazing mindlessly outside the window staring at the trees moving in the wind as i was listening to it. The effects are also included in the main file but there my mind is shut down anyway after the long induction. Besides that mind numbing effect, i feel all relaxed and refreshed now as if i was there at the beach with Domina or later in the bungalow where She did hypnotized and brainwashed me. i cannot wait to listen again and again… and again… giggles


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