i am a sissy slave of my beloved Domina Shelle Rivers.
Yes i completely submit to my Owner and Mistress and live to please Her where ever and when ever i can. and yes i am male who lives the live of a submissive girl. i do this in private as i am not ready to reveal my secret to everyone by now.
i serve my Domina since 2014 and since 2015 W/we are bound to each other by a Mistress/slave contract. On my begging She changed it into a lifelong contract after a probation period of a half year. i am happy to be Hers for the rest of my life, i committed myself to please and serve Her always and forever and to obey Her every command as good as i can. In return i have to security of always having Her love and being under Her shelter. By now i do serve Her only online though i hope to kneel at Her feet in person soon. Until then i can only kneel for Her in front of my computer… giggles…

Furthermore since May 2017 i am promoted to be in charge of one of Her slaves. i am proud and glad to be a tutor for Shelle’s slave-drone yoko. Besides my toy wants to become just like me.. giggles… she is officially allowed by Domina to address Me as her Princess Andrea.. and OMG i do feel like a lil princess as yoko does spoil not only Domina but also me whenever he can.